Friday, November 5, 2010


So i want to dye my hair orange/brown for aaaaages. I have the hairdye since this year's spring. and even tho i dyed my hair pretty much every color possible... i don't dare to do it. Reason: it took me ages to get my hair this blonde because i was stupid enough to dye it black in the first place. (my natural hair color is blonde) These pics make want to dye it tho. The hair dye i have is most likely like alexz johnson, the last picture. what to do?

xoxo la lou


  1. i likez ze numba five
    maar doe je haar in meerdere tinten das cooool ehehe =d

  2. Ja het worden denk wel meer tinten, helemaal egaal gaat me sowieso niet lukken denk ik XD
    omg ik durf niet XD