Thursday, October 13, 2011

i am so stressed at the moment. I have a re-exam in two hours that I already failed twice. Financial management's a bitch. Well, I studied all night with my bf so I have a little confidence. We'll see :) So not many interesting posts here. My camera is broken so I cannot show off all my cool new stuff I got haha. When it's fixed I will post outfits and randomness of my own :) These are some looks from lookbook today.

 I am loving (plain) black clothing this month haha.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

I can't describe how happy I am. My boyfriend surprised me yesterday by giving me a ticket to Bon Iver. I've been telling everyone for months how bad I wanted to go, but it is sold out since forever. I am so happy I can be there, I have to go alone because it was too expensive for both of us to go :( But I am just gonna go, and shut my mouth (normally I sing *read scream* every word along) and enjoy it. This man, Justin Vernon is so extremely talented, his songs touch you, or well at least me. Just listen to it.

I can't wait :) I will also go to The Crowns, The Wombats next month, and Rammstein in March. (Yes i have a broad music taste haha)


Monday, October 3, 2011


some picures that inspired me this week.

I am enjoying my day off from school, but there's so much to do so it's not as good as it seems haha. This weekend I tried to enjoy the last summer days as much as possible. There are some really busy weeks coming up and the weather will get worse soon. I feel like I am ready for autumn tho :) At least my wardrobe is haha.I just wished the cold seasons wouldnt last that long, I don't like the cold and dark. And I am simply in love with spring and all the festivals in the summer. Ah well, I don't mind watching series in my warm bed haha.. Every season has its charm :)


Jewellery on Ebay... makes me feel sooo good. I never really buy any in regular stores anymore haha. So here's what I bought a few days ago 

I have a tiny obsession with the last one. Just love it. Mostly because of this picture haha. (Audrey Kitching)

Can't wait for the packages!


Sunday, October 2, 2011


So I wanted to either go on with this blog or start a new one, since I am probably ashamed of everything I wrote here. But I guess its not a bad thing. So I guess no one reads this anyway but I still want to put my photos and thoughts somewhere so I will just go on with this blog and post whenever I want. I am just not good at this haha.
Just a random photo I took last week. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

busy busy busy week as usual. tomorrow im going to the cinema to see 'black swan'. Excited.


i need some serious sleep

this is one of those days i just have to complain about. I dreamt i was having a baby (a cute little boy haha) and then overslept. Not fifteen minutes like normal people but an hour >< I missed my first class, not just late but completely missed it, on time for the next one which was just horribly boring. Then a meeting that was sooo long, not so bad but it means im home late. Chain got off my bicycle when it just started raining and so on. Great. But it was nice at school and now im warm in my bed haha.

enough complaining. Bought a hairbrush on ebay and got the package today. I just loooove it when you come home and there is a package waiting for me haha. So i bought the TangleTeezer and im simply in love haha. it makes my frizzy hair a little bit softer and no loose hairs coming out. Love.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

time for something new


i havent updated for months. Lets skip the excuses part haha. A lot has happened in these months. I finally got to dye my hair! After a lot of doubts and complaints. but i feel totally new and i love it. Maintaining the brightness is a hell tho. It's worth it in the end.
So i am off for school for a week cause i passed all my exams last block :D and decided it was time for a new lay-out. I wanted to quit blogging completely but I gotta say I really miss it. so here are 2 pictures of my new hair (: I also uploaded these on Lookbook! 

lets see how long i can keep up blogging now hahah. I finally found an adapter for my good camera so I can now make more pictures that I can upload here (: