Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn pic

it was time for some new photos so i did a depressing autumn shoot. i seriously hate this weather. but... it has some kind of beauty. i also got some inspiration from the vampire diaries (: I got some nice things out of it thanks to my sis haha who was the cameragirl. I'll post the others later. this is the best one and i gotta say, i like it (:

*click for a better view :D*


Friday, November 5, 2010


So i want to dye my hair orange/brown for aaaaages. I have the hairdye since this year's spring. and even tho i dyed my hair pretty much every color possible... i don't dare to do it. Reason: it took me ages to get my hair this blonde because i was stupid enough to dye it black in the first place. (my natural hair color is blonde) These pics make want to dye it tho. The hair dye i have is most likely like alexz johnson, the last picture. what to do?

xoxo la lou

Thursday, November 4, 2010

so many things to do

soooo as usual.. my blog died. but apparently some people actually read my shit so maybe i should start posting again. (yeah i would be happy with comments or anything so i know that i'm not writing for nothing :')) im busy at the moment. next weeks exams.... kill me already. so today i had this pitch presentation, we had to present our magazine. (think: dragon's den) And i sucked. Bad. Even though i was dressed nice and everything. here's a picture i made at school. doesn't look like myself at aaaaall. i hate it really haha but yeah. i hope i made it.