Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heya :)
I still should post more pictures of Poland... But first I just want to say to everyone who reads this that I am grateful you actually read this haha. I started blogging.. I dunno, not so long ago. (I dont count all the hopeless attempts from the past) I also just started my LookBook profile and I already received so much nice feedback! It really means a lot to me. There's not much to read/see yet but I promise there will be lots in the future! (And I will do something about this wacky lay out hehe)

My last look was featured on this great Italian website. I'm flattered! You can check it out here!

It's been a long day at school, I'm going to work on some homework and relax a little. I've been so busy lately, but in a good way :)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Heya! School has begun again after a great holiday... But well, when I wake up these days, my first thoughts are 'I wanna go back to sleep, fuck this'. But then I notice the sun already rose and it isnt so cold. Spring is coming and I can just feel it. And that thought just makes me so happy :)

Just heard this song on the radio and I want to share it with you. It makes me think of those wonderful sunny days, lying on the grass on a music festival, drinking... I dont know if this song was even released in the summer or anything it just reminds me of the few nice days of summer we had here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Posted a new look on lookbook today :)
Warsaw is beautiful. Gutted that I have to leave tomorrow morning already.

We drove to Potsdam, Germany first, which is very very close to Berlin. Defenitely going back to Berlin one day. We arrived in the afternoon, great hotel and great food haha! Next day to Warsaw. Just highway, highway and highway... until you get close to Warsaw. The highway isnt finished yet and the roads are pretty bad compared to the roads in the Netherlands. Our apartment is located 1km or so from the city centre. And oh, our apartment is so luxurious. I almost drowned in our bathtub, the kitchen is has the biggest fridge i've ever seen, Im watching Polish television (and dont understand any of it) and the first night we found a remote control that turns on coulored LED lights in the livingroom and bedroom. I feel extremely lucky that i got the chance to visit Poland and stay in such a great apartment. (I could come here if I would help with a breeding of our dog Nanuq and a dog here in Poland, long story haha.)
First day we just explored the city, wandered around. Somehow we missed Zlote Tarasy, a giant mall so we went there yesterday. A pretty damn nice place to do some shopping! We don't have a Topshop in the Netherlands (yet) so I was doing a little happy dance when I came across one here. Today we did some more sight seeing in Old Town, which is beautiful. Warsaw is a great city, I love the atmosphere and architecture. When you walk through the city, especially the old parts it kinda feels like you're in a movie (:

So yes, i had an amazing little vacation here. Here are some pictures, more to come (:
 (Im not a photographer or anything so the pictures are not fantastic photography, some are even taken with a mobile phone haha.)
Our apartment in Warsaw

Ricard, Nanuq and me

The fog...


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tomorrow I will leave for Poland. It's going to be a stressful day I think, packing everything. But I can't wait!

I created a Bloglovin' account a while ago, I have no idea how it works but i'll figure it out haha. You can now follow me there :)
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I also want to share this song. This guy is so talented, his music is amazing. He is also just a very nice guy to talk to :)This is one of my favs.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday again, time flies. Had such a busy but great week. Gotye was amazing yesterday. Such an amazing voice. The visuals behind the stage were very interesting and really added a lot to the show. If you ever get the chance to see him... go see him!
So, my stephdad had an accident at work, almost losing his thumb. He had surgery today and he's going to fine. However, he was supposed to go to Poland this week. My mum asked me to go instead. Well, hell yeah I wanna go! Still cant really believe it but Im actually leaving Monday for Poland with my mum and a friend of mine. Its a 1250 km drive, probably staying the night somewhere close to or in Berlin, and then driving to Warsaw. Im really excited! Im going to take as many photos as possible and going to try to see as much of the city as possible.
I will miss out Carnaval, won't have time for studying and miss my last day at work. Hence im pretty sure it will be worth it.
Im looking for hotels now, with wifi, so I will update my blog during the week :)

These pictures I took last week, summarizing my week really. It includes Valentine's Day, new clothes, my dog, incense, Hunger Games and Gotye.

blouse i got from Zara

'Motel' top from Asos



Friday, February 17, 2012

just a real quik post. I have to catch my bus in half an hour haha. I'm going to see Gotye tonight, so excited! We managed to buy tickets from someone without paying double. I gotta say, I bought tickets on the black market several times now paying the normal price and only got scammed once, and then the artist put me on the guestlist, so cool!It's worth the risk.
Sooooo... I decided to create a Lookbook account, to see if I would get any comments at all haha. I got some really nice and sweet comments, I am so thankful for that. Therefore I will keep posting stuff :) So this is my second look :)

I'm off to Eindhoven now :) I'll post random pictures I took this week tomorrow!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The weekend is almost over... And it was another great weekend. Shopping, a gig and just chilling out, probably my three favorite things to do haha. Yesterday was so much fun, Reel Big Fish were amazing. And so were the supporting bands, JB Conspiracy and Orange. It was just one big party. The venue was pretty cool as well, it was inside a skate park so during the gig you could see skaters do backflips haha. Didnt bring my camera though, if you know the band you'll know about the moshpits, but now i regret it. Wish i took pictures of the venue and the band members. I kinda have a thing for the frontman of Orange haha! The picture of the band I didnt take myself, obviously, but I had to post it. The other pictures I took yesterday and today, of the setlist of Reel Big Fish, clothes, vinyl and an awesome suitcase (for only 1.50 Euros! God, I love thriftstores) my friend and I bought in a thriftstore and my wonderful friend playing the guitar.
The band 'Orange'

Reel Big Fish setlist


Saturday, February 11, 2012

whoo having a great weekend. Made these pictures this morning, just for fun. I went to a secondhand store in Eindhoven today and got some pretty cool stuff! I absolutely love these shops, I could wander in them for hours. I'll make some pictures tomorrow and post them here along with some other random pictures I took today. Going to a gig tonight, Reel Big Fish. Last year I kinda set a goal, to go to a gig at least once a month. Well, I can say I do pretty damn good haha. Now I just have to find the right balance between school and going out. But... I passed my finance exam! So happy :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Benjamin Francis Leftwich + Radical Face

It's been a crazy, busy, great week. Wednesday I went to Paradiso in Amsterdam for Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Radical Face which was amazing. Benjamin was as great as two weeks ago and he is such a nice guy (: And he has an amazing voice. Didnt really know about Radical Face, just the 'Nikon commercial song', and didnt even know the words to that haha. But yes, they were awesome. Loved how they did not take themselves seriously.
Left the venue early cause I had to catch the train, which did not go to Eindhoven after all, so thank you NS. Stayed in Utrecht, had to catch the bus 6:30 to be in time for my financial management exam (which I think i passed :D) Later that day I went to the Mezz (pop venue in Breda) for a branch orientation day me and three students organized for other second years. Its supposed to be educative and well, it turned out to mexican food, a great indie band We//Are//Animal and free drinks. Had such a great time. Afterparty in Stapel, which involved more free drinks and a drunk me.

So yes, busy and a lot of fun. Tonight im going to Rotterdam (if the NS allows me since they cant handle a little snow) for We Were Promised Jetpacks and hopefully Step Right Dub in de Mezz after that. Im attending a lot of parties and gigs lately and at the same time trying to keep up at school. I must say, im not doing so bad. Im an extremely lazy person but I loved being busy, having fun and seeing other people having fun on something I organized with three other great people. Its very motivating to work harder and find a cool internship.

Radical Face in Paradiso.