Friday, February 24, 2012

Warsaw is beautiful. Gutted that I have to leave tomorrow morning already.

We drove to Potsdam, Germany first, which is very very close to Berlin. Defenitely going back to Berlin one day. We arrived in the afternoon, great hotel and great food haha! Next day to Warsaw. Just highway, highway and highway... until you get close to Warsaw. The highway isnt finished yet and the roads are pretty bad compared to the roads in the Netherlands. Our apartment is located 1km or so from the city centre. And oh, our apartment is so luxurious. I almost drowned in our bathtub, the kitchen is has the biggest fridge i've ever seen, Im watching Polish television (and dont understand any of it) and the first night we found a remote control that turns on coulored LED lights in the livingroom and bedroom. I feel extremely lucky that i got the chance to visit Poland and stay in such a great apartment. (I could come here if I would help with a breeding of our dog Nanuq and a dog here in Poland, long story haha.)
First day we just explored the city, wandered around. Somehow we missed Zlote Tarasy, a giant mall so we went there yesterday. A pretty damn nice place to do some shopping! We don't have a Topshop in the Netherlands (yet) so I was doing a little happy dance when I came across one here. Today we did some more sight seeing in Old Town, which is beautiful. Warsaw is a great city, I love the atmosphere and architecture. When you walk through the city, especially the old parts it kinda feels like you're in a movie (:

So yes, i had an amazing little vacation here. Here are some pictures, more to come (:
 (Im not a photographer or anything so the pictures are not fantastic photography, some are even taken with a mobile phone haha.)
Our apartment in Warsaw

Ricard, Nanuq and me

The fog...


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  1. Leuke foto's en leuke blog!!
    Ik volg :)
    Check de mijne als je wilt

    Xx Magna