Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This baby is mine <3
Soooo.. I have 4 Euros left for the rest of the month which is absolutely fucked up. That doesnt keep me from looking at all the webshops and drooool. Below are some photos of shoes i would die for but never have enough money to afford them. Except for Creepers, I have to have those. Its my mission for April.

wouldn't mind getting any of these for my bday next month hehe.


Monday, March 19, 2012

New look on Lookbook :)I am so ready for Spring.
heya (:

some pictures of my dip dye, which did not turn out as I really wanted, I will dye it again so it is more visible haha. Anyway, some pics, and one picture with the result. Photo is from a little shoot with Linda :)

I've had a pretty good weekend. Thursday I went out, seeing some friends which resulted in being so hungover that I stayed home from school the next day... Saturday my family and I went out for dinner which was so good! Delicious food and my dad making faces which made me laugh so hard. That night a birthday party at one of my best friends and a random afterpary at someone I didn't know but now do hehe. This weekend definitely had its ups and downs but my friends make every day a better day.

Now it's time to finish these essays that have been bugging me the whole weekend...


Friday, March 16, 2012

If you want to do well, in today’s winner take all society, you’ve got to do the work. When no one is paying attention, when no one cares. If you haven’t thought of giving up, you just haven’t tried hard enough. If you believe you should make it because everybody believes in you, you’re delusional.
- Bob Lefsetz

i promised pictures... i know i know. Extremely busy with school. Yesterday we had a day of filming an interactive film, which was a lot of fun :) 2 days of shooting to go and then the hell of editing and programming starts. Luckily my team members knows so much more about it hehe.

Wednesday I helped a friend with her school project by styling an outfit and to model for her. She made some amazing pictures and it was so much fun. I will post them here when she sends them and the result of the blue dip dye hehe. I might add some more blue and some purple tho. \


Monday, March 12, 2012

Can't sleep. Here is a random picture of Yindee and Mayra which has nothing to do with the fact that I am not asleep yet. Capt'n Obvious.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heya :)  I think today was the first real day of Spring. Didnt feel like making homework or anything, just wanted to go outside and enjoy the first warm sunlight, it felt so good. I've made so many plans for this summer... it's going to be so great. I just wish summer holidays were here already. Until my birthday (27th of April, time flies) I reaaaally want to focus on school. I will try to buy cheap tickets for Simple Plan next week since Im broke but I still want to go. It's not sold out so it should work haha. In May (I think?) I want to go to Bombay Bicycle Club, in June to Billy Talent and hopefully Rock a Field in Luxembourg and then, in July Bon Iver, in August  Sziget and Pukkelpop in August. In between those gigs and festivals as many dubstep parties as I can afford haha. And more gigs. I need gigs. It's all I post about lately haha. But it's all still months away. Right now I spend my weekends home working on school projects and just hanging out.

I've been to several second hand stores this week and it's starting to become some sort of hobby hehe. I never go out empty handed. My friend hunts for vinyl while I hunt for clothing and bags. And damn, we succeed lately! It's a lot of fun just to look at all the stuff people bring there and more fun to go out with stuff that's almost for free. After going to those stores my friend and I usually go to for coffee. It's perfect :) 
I also went to see the movie Project X, which was a better film than I would have thought. So yeah, that was my week. I've been feeling really sick but this day of second hand stores, iced coffee and a movie made up for it.

Oh I almost forgot, I dip dyed my hair blue/purple. Ah well, I mean my extensions since my hair is short now. I think, I'll make pictures of it tomorrow :)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

So... Rammstein was fkn amazing. Best gig ever. Words can't describe. Although the fire burned my skin which was really painful and kinda ruined Sonne and Du Hast... The famous cannon made up for it during Pussy haha. First row with Rammstein is amazing but painful. (I didn't make any pictures because I am pretty sure my camera wouldn't have survived) And now I'm sick. Waiting outside in the pouring rain all day... oh god. All worth it of course but now my week was just plain boring. Not feeling very inspired to do anything. Until now. I decided to go do some DIY'ing! I want those cross print shirts since forever, even though theyre not at all original anymore. I'm going to make them myself. And I want to make those lovely flower headbands. Aaaand I think Im going to dip dye my extensions :) I want a lot of things.... But my wallet is starting to feel pretty empty. So I'm going to make some stuff of my own :) We'll see what's coming out of it hahah. I'll post it here. Ahhh and my friend and I bought tickets for Bon Iver at a beach for this summer... I am so incredibly lucky to see him for the second time now. On a beach. Imagine how romantic that will be on a warm summer night... I can't wait.

In the meanwhile... enjoy this beautiful cover of Wild Horses by Liz Gillies. She is amazing.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Posted a new look on lookbook today :)

Please let me know what you think!
Heya :) My week had it's ups and downs. Stressed out about school and was feeling sick. I did a photoshoot on Thursday and somehow I didn't feel sick at all. It's been a while since I did a photoshoot so I was kinda nervous haha... but it was so much fun. Alex, the photographer, is very talented and a great guy :) You can visit his website here. I was having a pretty bad week so I just let go of all my emotions during the shoot and it made me feel so much better. I'm now thinking about doing more photoshoots :)

Didn't do anything special besides the shoot. Just working on school projects. I should spend so much more time on school. Tomorrow I'm going to a gig, Rammstein. It's going to be the most expensive concert I ever went to, and will go to haha... and I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the best. So excited.I also bought a ticket to the Sziget festival in Hungary. No words for how excited I am. 7 days of partying. One of my favourite bands are already confirmed, Two Door Cinema Club :) I love music festivals. All winter long I'm busy deciding where to go and checking rumours haha. Caaaaan't wait.

That's it for now. Im going to bed early today cause tomorrow morning we're going to Ahoy (the venue) and wait in line all day. Good times hehe.