Thursday, March 8, 2012

So... Rammstein was fkn amazing. Best gig ever. Words can't describe. Although the fire burned my skin which was really painful and kinda ruined Sonne and Du Hast... The famous cannon made up for it during Pussy haha. First row with Rammstein is amazing but painful. (I didn't make any pictures because I am pretty sure my camera wouldn't have survived) And now I'm sick. Waiting outside in the pouring rain all day... oh god. All worth it of course but now my week was just plain boring. Not feeling very inspired to do anything. Until now. I decided to go do some DIY'ing! I want those cross print shirts since forever, even though theyre not at all original anymore. I'm going to make them myself. And I want to make those lovely flower headbands. Aaaand I think Im going to dip dye my extensions :) I want a lot of things.... But my wallet is starting to feel pretty empty. So I'm going to make some stuff of my own :) We'll see what's coming out of it hahah. I'll post it here. Ahhh and my friend and I bought tickets for Bon Iver at a beach for this summer... I am so incredibly lucky to see him for the second time now. On a beach. Imagine how romantic that will be on a warm summer night... I can't wait.

In the meanwhile... enjoy this beautiful cover of Wild Horses by Liz Gillies. She is amazing.



  1. I'm thinking about dip dying my hair as well someday, but first I'm going to dye it blonde haha. When my wallet allows it of course. Get well soon. (: Everyone seems to get sick recently..

  2. Love that song! Wow :)