Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heya :)  I think today was the first real day of Spring. Didnt feel like making homework or anything, just wanted to go outside and enjoy the first warm sunlight, it felt so good. I've made so many plans for this summer... it's going to be so great. I just wish summer holidays were here already. Until my birthday (27th of April, time flies) I reaaaally want to focus on school. I will try to buy cheap tickets for Simple Plan next week since Im broke but I still want to go. It's not sold out so it should work haha. In May (I think?) I want to go to Bombay Bicycle Club, in June to Billy Talent and hopefully Rock a Field in Luxembourg and then, in July Bon Iver, in August  Sziget and Pukkelpop in August. In between those gigs and festivals as many dubstep parties as I can afford haha. And more gigs. I need gigs. It's all I post about lately haha. But it's all still months away. Right now I spend my weekends home working on school projects and just hanging out.

I've been to several second hand stores this week and it's starting to become some sort of hobby hehe. I never go out empty handed. My friend hunts for vinyl while I hunt for clothing and bags. And damn, we succeed lately! It's a lot of fun just to look at all the stuff people bring there and more fun to go out with stuff that's almost for free. After going to those stores my friend and I usually go to for coffee. It's perfect :) 
I also went to see the movie Project X, which was a better film than I would have thought. So yeah, that was my week. I've been feeling really sick but this day of second hand stores, iced coffee and a movie made up for it.

Oh I almost forgot, I dip dyed my hair blue/purple. Ah well, I mean my extensions since my hair is short now. I think, I'll make pictures of it tomorrow :)


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