Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn pic

it was time for some new photos so i did a depressing autumn shoot. i seriously hate this weather. but... it has some kind of beauty. i also got some inspiration from the vampire diaries (: I got some nice things out of it thanks to my sis haha who was the cameragirl. I'll post the others later. this is the best one and i gotta say, i like it (:

*click for a better view :D*


Friday, November 5, 2010


So i want to dye my hair orange/brown for aaaaages. I have the hairdye since this year's spring. and even tho i dyed my hair pretty much every color possible... i don't dare to do it. Reason: it took me ages to get my hair this blonde because i was stupid enough to dye it black in the first place. (my natural hair color is blonde) These pics make want to dye it tho. The hair dye i have is most likely like alexz johnson, the last picture. what to do?

xoxo la lou

Thursday, November 4, 2010

so many things to do

soooo as usual.. my blog died. but apparently some people actually read my shit so maybe i should start posting again. (yeah i would be happy with comments or anything so i know that i'm not writing for nothing :')) im busy at the moment. next weeks exams.... kill me already. so today i had this pitch presentation, we had to present our magazine. (think: dragon's den) And i sucked. Bad. Even though i was dressed nice and everything. here's a picture i made at school. doesn't look like myself at aaaaall. i hate it really haha but yeah. i hope i made it.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


a LOT happened since i blogged last time. its a shame im so fuckin lazy. BUT since i passed my final exams got accepted in (my first choice) college i have a lot of free time. So i thougt it was time to finally blog again.
im having a pretty boring week. My bf is out of town which sucks, and the weather is.. cold and rainy. so what i do is: wake up at 1 am, have breakfast, crawl to my laptop. and thats pretty much what i do all day long. And shopping with my sister. i love shopping, my wallet.. not so much. yesterday i bought these shoes:

i always wanted pink chuck taylors haha. i hope they'll arrive today. I love new shoes, they make u feel so brand new.

xoxo la lou

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

shame shame


woa i havent post anything lately. shaaaame on me. im so busy with my stupid school. exams are coming. im pretty frustrated right now. they plan my classes at the most stupid times you can think of. next thursday im going to amsterdam to see newton. my exam is planned that day, they better plan it early cause it takes some time to get in amsterdam. and i have soooooo many free periods in a week its driving me craazy. i also hate the narrowmindness at my school. jeez cant wait for summer holidays, i bet im not the only one.
this weekend will be good. beign together with my weird bf is always good. next weekend will be very stressful but its gunna be amaaaaazing.

xoxo la lou

Thursday, March 25, 2010

All i can do

May all of your wishes
Come true for life
And all that you wait for
be true for life
All that you long for
May all of it shine
Bright as the sunlight

And so much for anger
So much for gain
May all that you're after
Be conquered with grace
May all that you reach for
be worthy and true
And guard you a lifetime

And cry tears of laughter
You will cry tears of pain
But all of that hurting and the heartbreaking
It will guide your way
All you've created
May all of it stand
Proudly through ages

xoxo, la lou

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You and me..


Sorry it's in dutch. Wrote this a few minutes ago in a sad mood.

Ik wou dat je van mij was vanaf het moment dat je kon praten en lopen
Alleen voor mij zodat niemand je pijn doet
Ik zag de leegte in je ogen die je langzaam kapot maakte.
Niets is zo onschuldig als het lijkt.
Alles begint zo klein tot het je gaat beheersen.
Je was gevangen.
Ik twijfelde.
Liet alles op mij afkomen.
Alles voelde verkeerd, leugens.
Je gezicht vertelde me verwarring
Je bedroog me, je bracht me terug.
Ik wist de fouten van te voren maar kon niets doen.
Je houdt me vast van binnen.
Mijn hart was een nieuwe maan.
Jij de zon die onder mijn huid brandt
Je brengt me licht en warmte, maar soms ben je weg.
Maar zolang ik maar weet dat je er bent,
en voor mij zult schijnen.

xoxo la lou

Monday, March 8, 2010


People don't change, you just get to know them better.

xoxo la lou

Saturday, February 20, 2010


xoxo la lou

Introducing Marlou La Lou

Hi everyone who reads this,

today i decided to start blogging. Why? Because. I love to read other blogs, so why not make one myself. Introducing marlou:
Sixteen, living in the small country called The Netherlands (so sorry if i make mistakes in my writing!)
I love fashion, my dog, gigs and my friends, that's what i'll write about :)

xoxo la lou