Friday, March 16, 2012

If you want to do well, in today’s winner take all society, you’ve got to do the work. When no one is paying attention, when no one cares. If you haven’t thought of giving up, you just haven’t tried hard enough. If you believe you should make it because everybody believes in you, you’re delusional.
- Bob Lefsetz

i promised pictures... i know i know. Extremely busy with school. Yesterday we had a day of filming an interactive film, which was a lot of fun :) 2 days of shooting to go and then the hell of editing and programming starts. Luckily my team members knows so much more about it hehe.

Wednesday I helped a friend with her school project by styling an outfit and to model for her. She made some amazing pictures and it was so much fun. I will post them here when she sends them and the result of the blue dip dye hehe. I might add some more blue and some purple tho. \


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