Monday, March 19, 2012

heya (:

some pictures of my dip dye, which did not turn out as I really wanted, I will dye it again so it is more visible haha. Anyway, some pics, and one picture with the result. Photo is from a little shoot with Linda :)

I've had a pretty good weekend. Thursday I went out, seeing some friends which resulted in being so hungover that I stayed home from school the next day... Saturday my family and I went out for dinner which was so good! Delicious food and my dad making faces which made me laugh so hard. That night a birthday party at one of my best friends and a random afterpary at someone I didn't know but now do hehe. This weekend definitely had its ups and downs but my friends make every day a better day.

Now it's time to finish these essays that have been bugging me the whole weekend...


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