Saturday, February 4, 2012

Benjamin Francis Leftwich + Radical Face

It's been a crazy, busy, great week. Wednesday I went to Paradiso in Amsterdam for Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Radical Face which was amazing. Benjamin was as great as two weeks ago and he is such a nice guy (: And he has an amazing voice. Didnt really know about Radical Face, just the 'Nikon commercial song', and didnt even know the words to that haha. But yes, they were awesome. Loved how they did not take themselves seriously.
Left the venue early cause I had to catch the train, which did not go to Eindhoven after all, so thank you NS. Stayed in Utrecht, had to catch the bus 6:30 to be in time for my financial management exam (which I think i passed :D) Later that day I went to the Mezz (pop venue in Breda) for a branch orientation day me and three students organized for other second years. Its supposed to be educative and well, it turned out to mexican food, a great indie band We//Are//Animal and free drinks. Had such a great time. Afterparty in Stapel, which involved more free drinks and a drunk me.

So yes, busy and a lot of fun. Tonight im going to Rotterdam (if the NS allows me since they cant handle a little snow) for We Were Promised Jetpacks and hopefully Step Right Dub in de Mezz after that. Im attending a lot of parties and gigs lately and at the same time trying to keep up at school. I must say, im not doing so bad. Im an extremely lazy person but I loved being busy, having fun and seeing other people having fun on something I organized with three other great people. Its very motivating to work harder and find a cool internship.

Radical Face in Paradiso.


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