Sunday, February 12, 2012

The weekend is almost over... And it was another great weekend. Shopping, a gig and just chilling out, probably my three favorite things to do haha. Yesterday was so much fun, Reel Big Fish were amazing. And so were the supporting bands, JB Conspiracy and Orange. It was just one big party. The venue was pretty cool as well, it was inside a skate park so during the gig you could see skaters do backflips haha. Didnt bring my camera though, if you know the band you'll know about the moshpits, but now i regret it. Wish i took pictures of the venue and the band members. I kinda have a thing for the frontman of Orange haha! The picture of the band I didnt take myself, obviously, but I had to post it. The other pictures I took yesterday and today, of the setlist of Reel Big Fish, clothes, vinyl and an awesome suitcase (for only 1.50 Euros! God, I love thriftstores) my friend and I bought in a thriftstore and my wonderful friend playing the guitar.
The band 'Orange'

Reel Big Fish setlist


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