Tuesday, February 1, 2011

time for something new


i havent updated for months. Lets skip the excuses part haha. A lot has happened in these months. I finally got to dye my hair! After a lot of doubts and complaints. but i feel totally new and i love it. Maintaining the brightness is a hell tho. It's worth it in the end.
So i am off for school for a week cause i passed all my exams last block :D and decided it was time for a new lay-out. I wanted to quit blogging completely but I gotta say I really miss it. so here are 2 pictures of my new hair (: I also uploaded these on Lookbook! 

lets see how long i can keep up blogging now hahah. I finally found an adapter for my good camera so I can now make more pictures that I can upload here (:


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