Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i need some serious sleep

this is one of those days i just have to complain about. I dreamt i was having a baby (a cute little boy haha) and then overslept. Not fifteen minutes like normal people but an hour >< I missed my first class, not just late but completely missed it, on time for the next one which was just horribly boring. Then a meeting that was sooo long, not so bad but it means im home late. Chain got off my bicycle when it just started raining and so on. Great. But it was nice at school and now im warm in my bed haha.

enough complaining. Bought a hairbrush on ebay and got the package today. I just loooove it when you come home and there is a package waiting for me haha. So i bought the TangleTeezer and im simply in love haha. it makes my frizzy hair a little bit softer and no loose hairs coming out. Love.


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