Monday, April 9, 2012

hi everyone (:

Just got home. I went out for some drinks with my friends, as a little break from all the studying. If you ever go to Holland, to Etten-Leur (yeah it kinda stops there, no one ever goes there hehe), then you should visit the pub Stapel cause it it so amazing. It's amazing how many wonderful people I met there and still meet :)

Now something totally different, I should've posted about this already but ah well. Black Milk is one of the most amazing brands ever. And well, the Jeffrey Campbell shoes are becoming some kind of a legend. I have to post about their collaboration. I want these shoes. Like, really bad. The design of Jeffrey Campbell in combination with all the rad prints of Black Milk, it is perfect.

I would go for the galaxy ones. But since I have about 7 Euros for the rest of this month... I´ll just keep on dreaming hehe.

Time for bed now!


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