Tuesday, November 27, 2012

winter winds

The first pic is a sunrise at the train station close to my place, the second one a sunset at the busstup/ city centre of Etten Leur where I am doing my internship. I love sunrises and sunsets in the fall, the low sun makes the clouds so beautiful, so many colors.

I guess thats one of the good things about working 40 hours in a week, you can see the sun rise and set everyday. Although its getting darker earlier and earlier. I guess I am one of those people who get some sort of a winter depression. I just can't stand the dark, the cold and the rain. Most of all, I miss all the green on the trees.

Okay, enough of the negativity. I know, how cliche, write about Fall, like every blogger. I cannot deny that this month is a sad one, but it also brought me even closer to someone special. And I am very excited about our city trip to Antwerp after Xmas :))


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